Picking out the simplest bicycle will appear to be a complicated business. The sheer variety of bike types, not to mention the unclear array of technology and word encompassing them, will appear staggering.

For most individuals — and particularly once beginning out — budget is that the vital issue once viewing a brand new bike. what quantity you’re willing to pay radically affects what’s on supply, and it’s straightforward to look at mountain bikes in a very look or on-line and be postpone by the prodigious value tags hooked up to several of them.

Just because you'll pay plenty doesn’t mean you wish to. however there square measure some basic options you ought to expect at numerous costs.


It’s attainable to urge a well created, off-road capable bike under 300 dollars to more than 1000 dollars, although there square measure sure caveats. At this type of cash, you ought to steer well, well afar from any full suspension bikes — that’s a bike that’s got suspension at the front and rear wheels. They’ll be considerably heavier than either front suspension equipped ‘hardtail’ or suspension-free 'rigid' bikes, and also the low cost and uncontrolled suspension units fitted to them can truly hurt cross-country performance.

While a very rigid bike might sound basic, the less complicated style implies that extra money can are spent on the frame and elements — creating it a much better deal within the long-term. That said, there square measure lots of bikes fitted with useful front suspension forks at this value, and that they might return from surprising sources — within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for instance, Calibre's.

Hardtail bike is made by out of doors mega-retailer GO Outdoors. It's affected U.S. within the past and might be snapped up for simply over $350 if you buy a identity card. No matter what if you don't wanna fall in these hassles of memberships then you may look upon these best mountain bikes under 500 dollars to get the right MTB for you .

Either way, seek for a frame that’s made of light-weight metal instead of significant steel. you ought to additionally seek for a motorbike that comes fitted with disc brakes instead of rim brakes, as a result of they’ll keep operating within the wet and supply a lot of consistent power. they will possibly be cable operated, instead of the absolutely hydraulic units seen on pricier bikes, however they are a feature well value having.

While which may appear to be plenty of various sorts, there square measure even a lot of niches within the world of mountain biking. Here square measure a number of a lot of that you just may run across…

Fat bikes

These use vastly outsized tires that square measure run at terribly low pressures so as to offer traction on snow or sand. They’re fashionable journey riders going off the overwhelmed track or folks that fancy one thing that appears very totally different. They’re sometimes rigid and have uncountable rack mounts for carrying gear.

Dirt Jump Bikes

As the name suggests, these square measure meant for touching jumps or pump tracks. They use robust frames that square measure simple to maneuver concerning within the air, short-travel forks and infrequently solely have one gear for simplicity.

Single speeds

Popular with masochists, these bikes solely have one gear. the dearth of moving components means that they’re easy to take care of and lots of folks wish to run them through the winter months to forestall damaging another bike. they'll be all-time low however several are overpriced, exotic bikes designed by niche custom frame builders. They’re sometimes hardtail or absolutely rigid and best any type of outdoor activities you opt for.


If doable, attempt to prepare a take a look at ride thus you'll see however the bike feels on the path. several brands have demo days wherever they create their entire vary on for potential customers to undertake. As a general rule, if you’re once a high-end bike, several outlets are going to be happy to tweak sure elements equivalent to the saddle, tires or grips to those you favor if it means that they'll seal a deal.

With on-line or direct sales bike outlets, you don’t get the choice to undertake before you purchase, however most have a sturdy returns policy if you opt you’re not pleased with the match of your new bicycle.